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TOD The Tower of Dreams by suratwwala business group

TOD Tower of Dreams: Unlocking Opportunities in Hinjewadi

TOD Tower of Dreams is is situated in the center of Hinjewadi, Pune. This project, developed by  Suratwwala Business Group, provides a unique combination of offices and commercial showrooms to meet the various demands. Tower of dreams is registered under RERA registration number P52100054055. Which guarantees transparency , giving investors and residents peace of mind.

The project is under the phase names Tower C, D, and E. TOD’s proposed date of completion in December 2027 showcases the commitment to delivering a meticulously planned and executed commercial space. Spanning an impressive total area of 2215.65 square meters on a compact 0.55-acre plot, this project strikes a balance between modern infrastructure and eco-friendly design.

Featuring a range of unit sizes from 182 to 2355 square feet, TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi offers flexibility to businesses of various scales and industries. The total of 79 units spread across three towers reflects a thoughtful approach to creating a dynamic and vibrant business community within the premises.

Suratwwala Business Group Hinjewadi Pune, the visionary behind this project, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in real estate development. Their commitment to delivering quality spaces is evident in every aspect of this project. The meticulous planning, contemporary architecture, and keen eye for detail position this project as a premier commercial destination in Hinjewadi.

As Pune’s IT hub continues to evolve, TOD Tower of Dreams provides businesses with a strategic and well-connected location. This project offers  investment opportunities in Hinjewadi, whether you’re looking for an office space for your company or a showroom to display your products.


TOD The Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi: Location Advantage

TOD Tower of Dreams, located in Hinjewadi, Pune, offers well-connected and accessible commercial space. This project is near a metro station 100 meters away. The Tower of Dreams is near major transportation routes such as the Pune-Bangalore Highway (700 meters) and the Pune-Mumbai Expressway (10 kilometers), which ensures seamless connectivity to neighboring cities and  business hubs.

For corporate travelers, the Pune Airport is located at 23.3 kilometers. The project’s close to hotels like Courtyard By Marriott (500 meters), Hyatt Place (17 kilometers), and Radisson Blu (25 kilometers).

Furthermore, this project is within a radius of corporate establishments such as Persistent (14 kilometers) and Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park (15 kilometers). Healthcare facilities near this project include Sanjeevani Hospital, just 2.2 kilometers away.

Overall, the strategic location of TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi Pune offers an entire ecosystem with easy access to corporate centers, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare facilities, in addition to being a perfect place for enterprises. This commercial facility in Hinjewadi is far more appealing because of its exceptional location.

Design and Architecture

TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group sets itself apart with its innovative design and contemporary architecture. The unique characteristics of the building reflect Suratwwala Business Group’s dedication to designing a workspace. eco-friendly design, use of green spaces, and energy-efficient systems. Our design makes the most of the available natural light, creating a lively and cozy workspace.

The thoughtful design of TOD Tower of Dreams extends to its interior spaces, providing state-of-the-art office layouts and collaborative zones. This attention to detail ensures an inspiring atmosphere for productivity and creativity. Also, our architectural brilliance aligns seamlessly with modern corporate needs, making this project an emblem of sophistication and functionality in the commercial landscape of Hinjewadi.

Amenities and Facilities

TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi, Pune, provides a wide range of amenities and services that improve employees’ working environments. Features that show a responsible attitude toward environmental conservation, such as rainwater collection, an organic waste disposal facility, and a sewage treatment plant, demonstrate the dedication to sustainability. In addition to making the landscape greener, the 140-tree plantation encourages a healthier work environment.

Including a solar power plant focuses energy efficiency and is in line with modern eco-conscious practices. A well-equipped, air-conditioned cafeteria within the building offers a relaxing area for staff members to relax in. The smart conference room improves corporate operations efficiency with its smooth presentation and collaboration capabilities. Recreation and breakout areas also provide areas for relaxing and casual conversations.  

In order to meet the changing demands of the workforce, this project goes above and beyond accepting technology and includes features like an electric vehicle charging station.  waiting room and reception area are also there. Parking facilities for both staff and customers complete the thoughtful features that set TOD Tower of Dreams apart as a model of commercial space in Hinjewadi.

Technological Integration

The TOD The Tower of Dreams in Hinjewadi, Pune, is altering the modern commercial space. A smooth and effective working environment is ensured by the use of smart building technology. For the sake of its residents, this project makes use of modern technology, from advanced safety measures to electronic energy management.

Intelligent system integration improves the user experience by offering a workspace that is ready for the future and can be changed to meet changing business requirements. In addition to improving operational effectiveness, these technological developments also highlight the dedication to building a dynamic and interconnected environment. This project, which focuses on digital infrastructure, meets the needs of modern companies and raises the bar for technology-driven commercial spaces in Hinjewadi.

Business Opportunities

The carefully planned commercial premises at TOD Tower of Dreams in Hinjewadi, Pune, offer business prospects. This building has three towers, the units ranging in size from 182 to 2355 square feet. It is a great option for both startups and established enterprises. Situated in the center of Pune’s IT hub, this well-planned location promotes networking and collaboration among firms.

An industry looking for a dynamic, well-connected workspace will find our project growing. The dynamic environment, coupled with its proximity to key corporate centers and transportation hubs, positions this commercial space as a gateway to success. Whether in the tech industry, finance, or other sectors, businesses at TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group have the potential to thrive and capitalize on the evolving opportunities within Hinjewadi’s flourishing business landscape.


 In conclusion, TOD Tower of Dreams in Hinjewadi, Pune, successfully combines innovation, sustainability, and connectivity to become a top business location. This project was developed by Suratwwala Business Group. The workspace is the perfect option for firms looking for a strategic location, an eco-friendly design, and state-of-the-art services.

Modern commercial design is led by TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi Pune, which combines technology and promotes environmental sustainability. This project is an innovative approach to building a thriving corporate community in the center of Pune’s IT hub, in addition to being a great investment opportunity.

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